Welcome to the Registration Section of the EFDI Event 2024. Please read carefully these explanations before proceeding.

Registration Fees

Additional Participant from an EFDI Full Member/Associate Institution
Non-EFDI Participant


+ First Participant from an EFDI Full Member/Associate Institution*

+ Guest Speaker*

+ Accompanying Person*

+ Virtual Attendee only*

* if applicable, you should have received a complimentary code in your invitation email. This code is to be entered at the payment step to obtain complimentary fees

You can register yourself or another person.
You can also register several persons, including you or not.

In case of multiple registrations:

  • You will have to fill in all the fields for the 1st person, then start from the beginning for the next person (the online system will take you automatically at the end of each registration)
  • Billing information has to be the same for all the registered persons
  • One unique invoice will be issued, with the details of the registered persons and choices

Upon registration, an automatic e-mail will be sent to acknowledge reception of your registration, followed by an email with your login and password to activate your profile.

In case of multiple registration, the same email will be sent to each registered person, with their personalised login and password, so they can activate their profile on their own.

Before you start the registration process, make sure you have:

  • Read the programme and know which sessions you want to attend
  • The full name of participant(s) and eventual accompanying person
  • Your billing information
  • A valid credit card

Registration before Friday 19 April 2024

To benefit from the Hotels’ preferential rates negotiated for this Event, the participants are invited to proceed to registrations before Friday 19 April 2024.

Unique or multiple Registrations are possible

It is possible to proceed to a Registration for yourself or for any another person.

Moreover, this Registration Platform allows to register several people under a unique billing process.

Before going through a registration

Before starting any registration process, please prepare the following information:

  • Read the programme and identify which sessions the participant(s) want to attend,
  • Collect the full name, identity and contact information of participant(s) and their possible accompanying person,
  • Be ready with billing information (name, address, VAT number of institution the invoice should be addressed to, email of the person who will receive the invoice)
  • Have a valid international credit card or payment method (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Maestro, China UnionPay, Japan Credit Bureau (JCB), eftpos, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal)


A multiple registration is possible with no limit on the number of participants:

In the case of multiple registration, billing information has to be the same for all the registered people embarked in a multiple registration process.

1°) Fill in all the fields for registering the 1st person,

2°) At the end of the 1st person registration (step 5), the online system will allow 2 options: select the button mentioning « …I would like to add another participant… »

3°) The system will start automatically a new registration for an additional person and go again through all the steps.

4°) At the end of the last participant registration (step 5), select the other button « …I am ready to go to the next step of my registration ’billing information’ and ’payment’. »

5°) One unique invoice is issued with details of the several registered people, that describes detailed selected items for each of them.

6°) Upon registration submission, an automatic email is sent with the invoice. 

7°) A few days after registration and payment, an email is sent to each registered person with a login and password to activate their profile. On this profile it will be possible to review the personalised programme as well as edit profile information. Each registered person, is invited to activate their profile on their own.


For EFDI and Non-EFDI Member Participants: 250€ VAT included

Free-of-charge EFDI Event 2024 Fee for the following people:

  • First participant from an EFDI Full Member/Associate Institution
  • Guest Speaker
  • Accompanying Person
  • Full Virtual Attendee


If you have any questions or queries about the registration process, please contact for assistance.

To request registration, please send an email to